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Help get pets home by spreading the word! You can share the reports to your personal Facebook page and to local Facebook groups. Getting the word out about a lost pet will make a huge impact on getting that pet home quickly.

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Lost and found pet reports are scattered everywhere, making it hard for people who have lost a pet to connect with the people who have found it. By checking other resources in your area, you may be able to help connect a finder with an owner.

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  • - Check both “Lost and Found” and the “Pets” section. People post lost and found pets in both categories.
  • Lost and Found Pet Facebook pages and groups.
  • Neighborhood Facebook groups
  • Your local Humane Society and shelter Facebook pages
  • Your local shelter websites

Pets Need Your Help

Ideally, there would be one central database where all the information is in one place. Until then, owners and finders will need to search multiple sources. With the help of volunteers, like you, we can get more lost pets back home.
Help us become the central database for all lost and found pets by referring us to others. The site provides great tips and comprehensive step-by-step advice. Best of all – there are NO FEES. Pet FBI is a nonprofit organization, and all services are offered free of charge.

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